Get Married in Belize

Get Married in Belize

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Requirements for Your Belize Wedding:

The requirements in getting married are easy and you can do them on you own.  However, we do recommend you speaking to one of our wedding planners for assistance with the legal process.  This will make it easier on you and ensure you don’t overlook an important step.

Your marriage in Belize is legal everywhere in the world.  Once you receive your marriage license, there is no need to register it in your Country.

Note: There is a 72 hour wait period to obtain a non-expedited marriage license in Belize. Ask your wedding planner about same day expedited licenses. Please take this into consideration when planning your wedding and travel dates for Belize.

Prior to departing for Belize you will need to make a copy of the photo page in your passport. You will need to take this to a Notary of Public to legally document that this is an original copy.

A certified original copy of the divorce decree will be required if either party were previously married.  This will need to have an embossed seal stating it is a certified original copy.  The original death certificate is required if either party is a widow or widower.

When entering Belize please have Immigration stamp your passport AND photo copy with the entry stamp.

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Imagine rainforest, scenic rivers and waterfalls. Or beautiful gardens, a coconut island beach with the crystal blue Caribbean as a backdrop.  Belize has it.

With destination weddings becoming very popular these days.  Belize is your perfect choice for that exotic ceremony on the beach you have always dreamt of.   But wait, with so many spectacular options as backdrops.  Your Belize destination wedding is just a click away.  Plus the best part is you get to start your honeymoon right away.  Now how awesome is that!

Depending on what type of Belize wedding ceremony you’re looking for.  Beach side options abound.  From choosing a remote island, a secluded romantic beach setting or an amazing catamaran at sunset we have it all.  But, if you prefer to have a jungle Belize wedding, your options are endless.  Like beside the river bank.  By your private waterfall.  Or in a remote location in the jungle or atop of an ancient Mayan temple. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will highlight the best location.

Our experienced Belize wedding planners are on-site every step of the way making it easy on both bride and groom.   Whether it’s a large wedding or just two of you,  choose a customizable package that will suit your individual preferences.  And of course, Belize has no exception to talented and amazing wedding photographers. They will make sharing that special moment with family and friends so much more memorable.

Contact one of our wedding specialist now and start planning you Belize Wedding.