Everyday more and more travelers are looking for new unique experiences while on vacation. Making travel experiences the new luxury. While Belize has tons of amazing five star hotels, restaurants and spas to choose.  Adding a perfect blend of adventure to your vacation will certainly spruce you itinerary like no other.

Of course if your idea of a luxury vacation is booking a five start resort and doing nothing at all, that is perfectly fine and we can do that too.  However, for the adventurous at heart, these six experiences should be on your next bucket list.  Ask our Travel Specialist how we can add these to your next itinerary in Belize.

Climb on top of a Maya Temple

Discovering the real Belize, past and present, means booking a tour to visit the ancient civilizations of the Mayans. Whether it’s climbing up a Mayan Temple, or experiencing the Mayan culture at a Mayan Village. Belize has several intriguing options for travelers to choose from.

Belize Luxury Vacations

Snorkel with the sharks

At the Shark and Ray Alley you will have a firsthand opportunity to swim and snorkel with the Nurse Sharks and Southern Rays. In fact the water at this location will be waist to chest height. If you don’t feel like swimming you could simply stand in the water and have the rays and sharks swim around your feet. Get your camera ready. This is going to be a photo op you’ll definitely want to take. The gentle Nurse Sharks average four to six feet in length, and the dive masters often feed them small fish.

Belize Luxury Vacations

Rapel inside a waterfall cave

Explore hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above, this river cave with a total of six waterfalls. This amazing adventure that must be challenged and conquered before days end. This adventure involves no cave tubing. Spectacular crystal formations loom above and ancient Maya ceremonial centers are hidden inside chambers as you explore this mist shrouded kingdom. At the end of the day, you return by either jumping off each waterfall into the pools below, or for those less adventurous, you can be lowered down on belay.

Belize Luxury Vacations

Dive with the whale sharks

During the full moon days of May, June and July, hundreds of whale sharks pass by the Gladden Split reserve to feed on fish spawn.  Whale Shark diving is an incredibly amazing experience and the largest living fish on the planet. Belize is one of the few places in the world where you can get to experience this. We do have to warn you that in order to go on this expedition you need to book very early. There are limited spots available during the months the Whale Shark passes by, this is to help protect the sharks from being exposed to too much human contact as well as the other marine life in the area

Belize Luxury Vacations

Eat like local

Am sure when you think Belize the first thing that pops up is the Belize Blue Hole, stunning Mayan sites and superb resorts.  However, Belize has progressively become a heaven for foodies looking for diverse culinary experiences to satisfy their most demanding taste buds.  It doesn’t matter which destination your Belize vacation takes you to, there is much to be appreciated when it comes to cultural foods.  Ask our travel specialist how you can add a Belize food tour to your itinerary.

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