5 remarkable things to do on a Belize Honeymoon

While Valentine Day is once a year and many couples make do with expensive flowers or chocolates. A trip to Belize can be the ultimate romantic getaway. In fact, we can craft specially-designed activities in some of the most beautiful spots within Belize. Let our Belize Travel Experts guide you in crafting the best possible custom honeymoon getaway.

Here are our five romantically awesome and magical things to do in Belize:

Romantic Dinner at a Waterfall

Belize is home to some spectacular waterfalls, where rivers cascade down beautiful mountain gorges to pools below. In fact, two popular waterfalls are the Big Rock and the Rio on Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge. These amazing sites are both in Belize’s northern Cayo District. Nothing quite stirs the passion like a romantic dinner in a gorgeous natural setting, witnessing the majestic wonder of a waterfall.

Belize Honeymoon Getaways Belize Honeymoon Getaways

A Sunset Cruise on the Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is the largest living reef in the Western Hemisphere. As a matter of fact the reef spreads about 185miles along the coast of Belize. Jump aboard a sunset cruise, you and your sweetheart will sail to the perfect spot offshore just in time to see, the magical sunset. Coupled with your favorite cocktail in hand and the lovely topaz waters of the Caribbean.

Belize Honeymoon Belize Honeymoon

A Romantic Rain-forest Escape

Belize is home to pristine rain-forests, where an abundant variety of flora and fauna abound. You and your sweetheart can enjoy your private soak tub uniquely placed on the deck of your tree-house. Likewise you can wake up to stunning panoramic views and sounds of the rain-forest. Whichever your choice there are so many option that can be crafted in your Belize Honeymoon escape.

Belize Honeymoon Belize Honeymoon

Dinner on the Beach

It doesn’t matter which destination your Belize Honeymoon takes you. There is much to be appreciated when it comes to cultural foods and cuisine in general. In fact each beach location has its own magic and charm that will add to the perfect romantic setting.  Of course, whatever your choice may be, our travel experts are eager to help you craft the perfect romantic itinerary.

Belize Honeymoon Belize Honeymoon

Renew Your Vows Atop a Mayan Temple

As archeologist continue to unravel centuries of undiscovered Mayan history. These findings have contributed to great insight into the lifestyles of these early inhabitants of Belize. In fact, their prominence was distinctive by the monumental architecture with structures raising to great heights above the jungle floor. Therefore, ask your travel expert about vow renewals or weddings at these magnificent sites.

Belize Honeymoon Belize Honeymoon

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