If you live to scuba dive, you don’t want to waste any time on other activities so you can focus all of your time and attention on your passion. We’d like to suggest that only Belize offers so many diverse dive locations and experiences, which is why frequent visitors insist on referring to us as the scuba diving capital of the world.

Want to make your Belize Diving trip effortless? Here are 10 spots we have identified that will provide you with a guaranteed memorable, safe, fun dives at any (or all) of the following spots

Dive Spot #1:

Ambergris Caye/San Pedro. Highly populated and the social epicenter of Belize, if you decide to use San Pedro as your base, you’ll be in close proximity to the dive spots most often featured in books and magazines and dive documentaries, most of which are profiled in this post.

Belize Diving TripsDive Spot #2:

The Atolls. Seeking a remote, private dive area? Specify Turneffe and Glovers Reef. Anticipate drops of 3,000-feet plus to find shallow coral gardens snaking amid coral peaks, canyons and swim-through portals. Veterans say the Elbow Reef on Turneffe’s southern tip is consider the ultimate “signature dive.”

Dive Spot #3:

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world and the dream trip of dedicated scuba divers. Proximity to the reef is best from Ambergris Caye. From shallow to deep dives, every strata of the sea is filled with unique aquatic specimens, so if only have time to dive one destination, make it this one.

Dive Spot #4:

The Big Blue Hole. Prehistoric caves collapsed to shape this 450-foot hole that’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belize for divers of all skill levels. Be forewarned: even veteran divers only get about eight minutes at 130-feet before they must return to more tolerable depths.

Dive Spot #5:

Seen enough Nemos to last a lifetime? Maybe you’re ready for the big boys. Head for Spanish Lookout Caye near Belize City to indulge your fantasy at Hugh Parkey’s Belize Dolphin Experience. This manageable four-acre lagoon is big enough to give humans and dolphins room to check each other out!

Belize Diving TripsDive Spot #6:

Visit Gladden Spit to swim with Whale Sharks. There is a migration in April, May, and June when the Whale sharks are observed at the Gladden Spit area by divers and Snorkelers. Each year during the full moon, Mutton and Cuberra snapper spawn here. The giant whale sharks come from far away to feed on the spawn and to mate. It is to see schools of snapper in the thousands with whale sharks passing through them. Divers will likely see these majestic creatures very close, but they are not allowed to chase, ride, touch, or otherwise disturb the Whale Sharks. Book Your Whale Shark Diving Experience Now!

Dive Spot #7:

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is an unusual spot because this cut in the Barrier Reef was made by Mayans thousands of years ago, creating a 30-foot deep crevice teeming with marine wildlife and rare types of coral. Highly protected by Belize laws, it’s wise to dive here only in the company of experienced guides.

Belize Diving TripsDive Spot #8:

Laughing Bird Caye, a National Park and World Heritage site, is 11 miles from Placencia and an ideal dive location for newbies because currents are weak, drops vary in depth and the scenery is spectacular. Don’t leave without seeing the tugboat-turned-micro-reef that showcases nature’s ability to adapt.

Dive Spot #9:

Shark Ray Alley. Belize fisherman frequented this area to clean their catches for so many years, sharks and rays kept returning to feed on the chum left behind. Dive here and guides will bring along “bait” to make sure you spot both species in the wild.

Dive Spot #10:

Southern Coast. If you’ve all the time in the world and want to immerse yourself in a variety of dives, headquarter in the village of Hopkins where many of the dive centers profiled in this article are nearby—especially Glover’s Reef, the Blue Hole and Gladden Spit.

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